The world will not be the same.

After the most horrifying terrorist attack on the planet resulted in the destruction of millions of lives

and the contamination of millions of hectares of fertile land, new global guidelines are set for the survival
of humankind. With new security and control models in place, technology becomes the saving power.


The Vatican Games.png
The Vatican Games


Vera is born on the day an apocalyptic revenge is unleashed, annihilating half of the world’s population.
Her birth marks the beginning of a new world order

run by powerful gaming corporations. Video games are at the heart of the new society restoring life to a frightened population.

A warless existence with no poverty has been secured,

until this fine balance becomes once more under threat. 
Vera is the female David to beat Goliath

and prevent further devastation.

The future lies in her hands.

It’s a game that she needs to win.